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Germany Trip Pictures

(I promise to make this nicer later)

We just happened to park across the street from the house

Mike meets Reiner for the first time

Steve... the first one to eat... AGAIN !!!

Diana brings on the food !

Looking at the Brungs' photo albums

Mike and Steve check out the Rhein

Some of Hans-Walter's handiwork

Diana and Frank

Marcel and Natascha

Joe, Margie, Hildegard, and Hans-Walter

The two newest Bearcat fans

Brungs at the Fishing Museum

Johann and Dad

Johann and Steve

Johann and Mike

Johann and Mike

Boat on the Sieg

Brungs Coat of Arms (Wappen)

Fountain at the Bonn Marktplaz

Bonn Marktplaz

Debbie in Bonn

Hildegard at Reiner's


Gasthaus Brungs

Dad and the Weinhaus Brungs

Mike and Diana

Steve and Debbie in Koln

Reiner and Joe

Hildegard and Gertrud

Steve and Hans-Walter

Joe and Hans-Walter

Dancing with Hildegard and Mike

Hans-Walter and Joe

The "BIG" Breakfast

Frank und Mike

Marcel und Mike

Diana und Mike

Hans-Walter und Mike

Marcel, Hans-Walter, und Mike