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Mike and Mary Beth's House Construction Pictures

July 14, 2004

We are official now, we have our shiny new mailbox ! (Hand delivered from Tennessee !)


Look... green gra.... I mean green weeds ! (At least they are green)


Great Room


Coat of Arms


The new office !  It's so new, the tags are still on the chairs !!


June 22, 2004


Breakfast area

Master bath


Front hallway


May 13, 2004


Pantry on the left, Laundry on the right

Breakfast area

Looking into great room from kitchen

Great room

Master bedroom looking towards bathroom

Master bathroom

Brick going up on back of house

Brick complete on side of house



April 30, 2004



April 23, 2004


We've got some walls !


Look... wood !


April 9, 2004



April 7, 2004

Front view

View of basement


April 3, 2004

Forms are going up !

House to our left

House to our right