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My dad was one of the brave men who endured the battle at Anzio during WWII.  I am currently going through boxes of pictures and other memorabilia documenting my dad's experience at Anzio along with the rest of his time fighting in WWII.

Soon I will document his story here and put up images of much his collection of truly unique articles from his time of service.


Penning a note outside the foxhole


Forward position with 977th Artillery Battalion


Keeping the shooting skills sharp


Looking "clean" after returning from the front (the German side at that !!!)


Anzio Annie - 255mm railcar mounted gun


Driving through the rubble that was Cisterna




Bracelet commemorating the Naples,Anzio,Cassino, Roma Campaigns


German Propaganda Leaflet - Part 1


German Propaganda Leaflet - Part 2



One thing the soldiers looked forward to was their military newspaper.  A favorite item inside was a comic strip called The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker.  I have included several of these below:

Sick Call Slit Trench Good Worker
The Chauffeur Table Waiter Morning Shine
The Cinch Short Rotation Boredom
Military Bearing The Topkick The Bus Station
The Goldbrick Goin' to the P.X. ? Snack
The Good Soldier The Mechanic Inspection
The Package Payday Shots
Chow Line First Aid Sympathy
Channels The Message Duty Roster
Double Duty Funny Story Garbage
The Shoelace The Transfer The Bayonet
Wound Stripe The Leftover Promotion
Double Out Rank Boxing Match
Clothes Exchange Old Pal The Obstacle
Shine The Bulletin Board The M P