Not that you care but... 

I was born in 1964 in Independence, Kentucky.  I am the youngest of six children born to a great set of parents, Joe and Margie Brungs.  The early years were filled with whiffle ball games including the infamous "night game".  Well, it sure seemed like a good idea at the time...  My buddies and I decided that it sure was a shame that nightfall spelled the end of whiffle ball for the day.  Time to learn the electrical procurement business.  We scoured each of our houses for every extension cord, flood light, and high powered light bulb we could find.  Off to the side yard we went, climbing trees to get as much height as we could for the lights.  By the time we were done, we had the best lighted field on the street... Okay, the ONLY lighted field in the neighborhood.  The game was a blast and life was great. Well... until Mom and Dad came driving down the street... the field beckoning them like a spotlight.  As they tried to make their way into a dark house, they discovered that our procurement of light bulbs had few limits.  And to think I escaped punishment. 

I attended Newport Catholic High School and graduated in 1982.  This is where Jet Lag was born.  Jet Lag, one of the finest air bands to have graced the planet, was made up of Ed Habel, Harold Waibel, Dennis Steffen, and me.  While the tour dates have all but vanished the friendship amongst the band members remains solid.  Oh sure... we have had our "incidents".  Harold starting fights in the bowling alley while the rest of the band hid by the pinball machine.  Ed being "de-underweared" at the Brass Ass as the rest of the band looked on in amazement.   Oh and don't forget Dennis on the fateful trip to Dayton, failing to protect the rest of the band on the visit to The Todd.  As we entered the "adult" establishment, we were greeted by a really gnarly amazon woman who responded "Oooo men... grab 'em".  Oh sure, looking back, that should have been a signal for us to leave but no... we just had to stay to watch the show.  While Dennis disagrees, the rest of us are pretty sure that one of the dancers was Dennis' aunt... the unattractive one at that !!!  But hey... the place was real nice.  I mean, I love taking a leak in bathroom where the door opens up right onto the stage. Being able to simultaneously take a leak and talk to the dancer isn't such a good idea after all.  Go figure !!!! 

On the dating front, things were shaky at best.  My first date was with a girl who I believe later became a lesbian.  Hey !!!  That is not my fault.  I followed that smashing success by going to the minor leagues and dating a freshman when I was a senior.  Oh yea.... that's a good idea.  That did not last very long.  But in late 1982, I finally met someone right who would later become my wife. 

I attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated in 1986.  At the College of Applied Science, I received my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.  While I did well, I would never want to repeat the process.  But it was there that I developed another great friendship.  Tony Schutte and I really helped each other through the tough days of college.  We both agree that without the other, making it through would have been really tough.  While we don't get together as much as either of us would like, the friendship is a solid one that will last forever.  After graduating from UC, I went to work for Controlware. 

Controlware has been a great place to work.  Oh sure... the early years were a killer.  Not that I mind spending the better part of two years in an aircraft facility in Wichita Kansas but...  I have learned a lot over the years and again developed another great stable of friends. One in particular has really become like a brother.  Gregg Wood is one the most talented people I know and I do consider him to be like a step-brother even though he keeps breaking my stuff.  At least he knows how to fix it though.  Also, I cannot fail to mention my previous boss, Jeff Hanna.  Jeff has also taught me alot and become a good friend and a great golf partner, specially since his car was big enough to hold the T.V's we won in Chicago. 

MaryBeth and I have been married for 10 years now and we have two great kids, Lindsay and Meredith shown below: 

And what is the perfect Christmas gift for even the smallest Bearcat fans... Well...


I have taken it upon myself to prove that I was born with a 30 year warranty.  Since turning this magical age, my body has been breaking down left and right.  Luckily, MaryBeth forgot to mail in her registration card when we got married so she's stuck.  Some of my better breakdowns are listed below: 

    Torn patellar tendon - right knee 
    Severely twisted ankle - Should you here and feel a pop when you twist an ankle ? 
    Chondromalacia patella - left knee 
    Tendonitis - both knees 
    Tendonitis - left wrist 
    Tendonitis - right thumb 
    Pneumonia be continued, I'm sure... 

Well... that's all I got right now.  Fascinating... I'm sure.   I know what you're saying... "I laughed, I cried.... Hell of a sight.". I promise to make it better in the future.   No... really.... I promise !!!